May 10, 2011

We run.

We run because we have to.

We run to go fast, and we run to go far.

We run to break the tape; we run just to finish.

We run for fun when no one’s around.

We run to get inverted V muscles above our kneecaps.

We run to get the regular V above our hips.

We run to clear our mind.

We run because we’re mad.

We run because we’re ecstatic.

We run because now we know what it feels to nod at another runner. We understand them, and they, us.

We run to lose weight.

We run to keep it off.

We run to eat cupcakes.

We run to eat crabcakes.

We run to be lions.

We run two marathons in eight days.

We run for cancer.

We run when others won’t.

We run and sometimes we hate it.

But we run and we always love it.

We run up hills and we run through puddles.

We run because it’s poetic.

We run because it’s bad ass.

We run while people sleep and we run because it helps us sleep.

We run because runners have better sex.

We run because once we have that medal, you can’t take it away.

We run because some of you don’t think we can.

We run.

And we run together.