The last run of the Summer Training Program is here!  

We will be meeting at Camp Rosslyn on Saturday, October 27th at 9:00 AM (Please note the time). 

Sign Up: Please sign-up for each training run. Sign-up HERE and enter your information. Please do so by Thursday 10/25 at Noon. 

Meeting point:  We will meet at MCC Camp Rosslyn.  

Parking is FREE in the lot where Camp Rosslyn is established.

Distance:  This is an easy 3 mile warm-up run.

Route:  The course is an out and back route that runs into Rosslyn and up the Custis Trail. This route gives you a very good preview of MCM mile two.
Aid Stations:  There will not be any aid stations for this run due to the short distance. However, we will stop at the half-way point and perform some easy stretching and talk about preparations for MCM race day.

MCC News:  Please check out the MCC Training Page for weekly articles and tips. 

Host Charity: CHEC

Carpool Information:  If anyone needs a ride to the MCC training workout this Saturday (or any Saturday), please send an email to carpool@mc-coop.org. Please include your address/neighborhood along with your contact information. We will attempt to pair you up with a ride giver, please send any carpool request by Wednesday 9 PM ET. Thank you.

Next week: This is the last training run of the 2018 Summer Training Program.  MCC wants to thank you for your participation and hopes that you enjoyed running with us.  MCC continues informal training runs through the remainder of the fall and winter.  If you would like to be added to the off-season e-mail list, please send e-mail to president@mc-coop.org