The MCC Summer Training Program is back for another year!!! 

We are excited to get things started. Thank you to everyone who plans to join us this summer.

We are starting on Saturday June 6th in Reston @ 7:00 AM.  The coaches will be Kirk and Cathy.

Please come out and join us as we kick off the new summer training program.

Register: If you haven't already done so, please register for the Summer Training Program. These weekly notifications will end on June 20, except for those who register.
Meeting Point: 12196 Sunset Hills Road, Reston, VA 20190. We will be meeting behind the YMCA. For directions, please click here
NOTE: The MCC Coaching Staff understands that some runners might not want to venture out into a group setting at this time. Therefore, we are offering a “virtual coaching” option. Simply send a message to coach@mc-coop.org and request the assignment of a Virtual Coach. The Coaching Staff will appoint someone who will personalize a program just for you. Your Virtual Coach will maintain frequent on-line contact and help you achieve your training goals. 

Social safety requirements:

  • Do not participate if you are feeling sick or ill, and or have a fever, or if you have been in contact with someone unrecovered from COVID-19
  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet should be practiced at all times.
  • Face masks must be worn for the arrival, initial announcements, and any post run conversations.
  • Face masks are optional during the run as long as at least 6 feet of social distancing can be maintained.
  • If more than 10 people are present, the coaching staff will split the participants into groups of less than 10 to provide initial announcements and course information.
  • All participants must bring their own food and drink and no sharing is permitted.
  • Runners must maintain at least a 6 foot social distance during the run and may run only in well-spaced groups of no more than 3.
Start Time: 7:00 AM 

Distance: The scheduled mileage is 6 miles for marathon trainees and 3 miles for the half-marathon trainees.

Aid Stations: Please note that MCC will not provide post-run refreshments or communal aid stations this year because of risks associated with the coronavirus. Each runner must bring water/Gatorade. We are designing the runs with multiple passes of the start/finish area, runners may stow refreshments there.

Full Marathoners: 6 miles: Marathon trainees will run 1.5 miles East on the W&OD trail to milepost 17.0, then West 3.0 miles on the trail to milepost 20.0 and back 1.5 miles to finish the run.
Half-Marathon: 3 miles: Half Marathon trainees will run 1.5 miles East on the W&OD trail to milepost 17.0 and back 1.5 miles to finish the run.
Before the Run:  Coach Nick will provide a Program Overview.   
Sign Up: PLEASE “sign-up” for each training run.  Please click on the following link
and enter your information.  Please Sign Up by Thursday (6/4) at Noon.
Host Charity: CHEC

MCC News: Please check out the MCC Training Page.

Weekly Articles:

Next week: Please stay tuned for updates. We will be running on Saturday, June 13th at Rock Creek Park (Peirce Mill) and the Host Charity will be MarrowMinded. The coaches will be Kevin and Ram.