We will be at Carderock on Saturday, July 13th @ 7 AM ET. The coaches will be Kevin and Satya.

Seminar: Coach Nick will give a seminar on Hydration.
Sign Up: PLEASE sign-up for each training run. Please click on the following link and enter your information. Please Sign Up by Thursday (7/11) at Noon.

Meeting Point: Carderock Recreation Area // Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath // Potomac, MD 20854


Here is a link to the Carderock location on Google Maps, and you can obtain personalized driving directions from Google.

You will pass other parking lots in the Carderock area, to reach the 3rd and last parking lot where we meet.

Starting Time: The run starts at 7:00 AM.

Distance: The full marathoners are running 10 miles and the half-marathoners are running/walking 6 miles.

Course: We will be running on the scenic C&O Canal Towpath that runs 188 miles along the Potomac from Georgetown in DC to Cumberland in western Maryland. This is a hard pack trail with markers every mile. pasting

The C&O canal is one of the prettiest trails around, with the river on one side and the C&O canal on the other, and well shaded for the most part. The trail creates small ecosystems for wildlife along the way, and you might see some Blue Herons and other birds along the way. Do enjoy your time on the trail!

Full Marathoners will run 10 miles and run south for 2.5 miles to a turnaround marked on course between MP 9 and MP 8 – then you will turn back and head west passing an aid-station at the home base at Carderock. Then you will run up to a turnaround between MP 13 and 14 (The second bridge on towpath etc like last time). You will pass the aid-station at 5 miles into the run. 

Half Marathoners will run 6 miles and run south to MP 9, then you will turn around and go up to MP 12 and back to home base at Carderock. You will pass the aid-station at 4 miles into the run. 
Weekly Articles:
MCC News: Please check out the MCC Training Page for weekly articles and tips.

Host Charity: This week’s Host Charity is TASSC.

Carpool Information: If anyone needs a ride to the MCC training workout this Saturday (or any Saturday), please send an email to carpool@mc-coop.org. Please include your address/neighborhood along with your contact information. We will attempt to pair you up with a ride giver, please send any carpool request by Wednesday 9 PM ET. Thank you

Upcoming Training Run:
Next Saturday on July 20th, we will run from Reston. The run will be hosted by CHEC and Kirk and Cathy will be the coaches.