57th Birthday Run for MCC Charities 

The MCC President, Nicholas Panebianco, is running 57 miles for his 57th Birthday in July!
Given the difficulty for MCC to generate revenue in 2020 using road races, the MCC charity recipients are in even more dire situations than in the past. While so many around the world are suffering, those most underprivileged are all but forgotten. MCC serves the truly marginalized of the world. If the first world’s population is out of work and struggling, what chance do those on the fringes of society have?
In an effort to replace a portion of the revenue that MCC annually provides to our charities, Coach Nick will run 57 miles. While the mileage is daunting, he is pledging to make each mile count by soliciting a $100 pledge for each mile. All funds raised will go directly to the MCC Charity Partners where 100% of those funds are given directly to their charity recipients and/or programs. Your donation can be given to a specific MCC Charity Partner or split equally between all four partners.
Please support Marathon Charity Cooperation and sponsor a mile (or more) for Coach Nick:
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